Hold 'n' Ship

Hold 'n' Ship

This is a listing for customers who want to have their pins held for one calendar month.


This item should be the only item in your cart at checkout!


This service allows customers to pay a flat fee for shipping and all pins bought in the calendar month will be shipped together. 

This is an optional service for customers and may be purchased at any time during the calendar month. This service cannot be backdated for pins that have already been purchased in the month if they've shipped already.


Think of this service as a Storage Locker for your pins for one month before shipping.

Presale pins will still be charged shipping as normal. However, if you are still in receipt of a Hold 'n' Ship membership for the month your presale pin arrives in hand and is ready for shipment you will get a FULL REFUND of all shipping paid on the presale pin. This service applies to all presales already purchased. Please note, you MUST be a member of the service at the time your presale is due to ship to you. 



Q. What does it cost me?

A. A one time payment of €11 (approx $13 USD) entitles you to one calendar month of holding your purchased pins. This does not roll over each month; you must purchase a new slot each month if you feel you want it.


Q. When will my pins ship?

A. Shipping happens on the last working day of the month or the first working day of the next month.


Q. How many pins does the Hold 'n' Ship slot cover?

A. There is no limit to the number of pins that can be held. These must be shipped to a single address. 


Q. What about Presale Pins?

A. You will be charged shipping for presales as normal. The reason for this is you may not be a member of the Hold 'n' Ship service when your presale arrives for shipment to you. If you are a member of the Hold 'n' Ship service the month your presale arrives to me and is ready to ship you will get a FULL REFUND of the cost of your shipping paid on the presale a few months ago.


Q. When can I join this service?

A. If there are slots available you can join any time in the month. You will not be able to backdate the service to pins that have already shipped. i.e. there is no refund retrospectively on shipping already processed.


Q. How does it work?

A. When you purchase your Hold 'n' Ship slot you will get an email with a code to provide you with free shipping on all in hand pins and in hand products. This code is not valid on presales (as above). Please ensure you use your code. This code will be valid from the date of purchase to midnight (Irish time) on the last date in the month. eg. midnight 31st March 2022 (eg 4pm PST).


Q. Can I cancel my slot?

A. Yes, you can cancel your Hold 'n' Ship slot any time during the month and your pins will be shipped to you. There is no refund when slots are cancelled. If you then purchase further items in the calendar month you will not be entitled to a Hold 'n' Ship slot and will be charged shipping as normal and your pins will ship as normal.


Q. Where will my pins be stored?

A. Each customer will have their pins stored in a separate, labelled container. 


Q. What if I'm changing addresses?

A. As always, please inform me via email (petrichor.fae@gmail.com) of any address changes, just like with any presales, of any address changes. If an address change is not flagged with me via email before the second last day of the month there is a risk the pins will already have shipped. 

Please note, I will ship all pins to the most recently used address. eg. the last item that was checked out for, I will use this address for all pins that month if I have not been informed otherwise.


If you have any further questions please send me an email to petrichor.fae@gmail.com


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